Why does the Power go out During the Storm?Why does the Power go out During the Storm

Let’s not know the exact information.

Many times it is seen that this electricity is going, this is coming. Comes a few times a minute. We curse, away! Starting a joke, do you think someone is doing it on purpose? If you are thinking something wrong.


So what’s the matter?

Let’s understand the mechanism very easily.

The place from which electricity is distributed is called a substation. Inside this sub-center, in a very large room, there is something as big as a cupboard. One feeder distributes electricity in one area. This feeder off means power off in that area.


Now let’s find out the reason for the power outage

We call the faults that cause power outages in your home. If there is a fault in our power transmission line, your house may be without electricity.

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There could be many reasons. Notable among them are:

  • You will see that there are 3 wires in the power transmission line, these are what we call phases. A, B, C phases. If these 3 phases get stuck together for any reason due to wind, then the feeder of our substation (meaning the switch to get electricity to your house) is faulty.
  • If a tree falls on phage in a storm or in the wind, or once we play at home, our feeder faults here.
  • Transformer fault even if it is a problem.
  • Even if it is touched by a human hand, it makes a mistake.


Now let’s find out what happens if you make a mistake. Faulting means automatic power off. We have no power to stop it. I think 20 km away, the slope of the tree is hitting the house in the wind, and the power will be cut off.

Why does the Power go out During the Storm?

The tree collapsed in the storm? The power line will be off in milliseconds. The line will not start even if we want it to be installed. No way. Then why does the electricity come a few times a minute?


The wind blows the house, it turns off, we turn it on, again the house blows, it turns off. For this, the slopes of the trees around the E-wire are mercilessly cut. Because in contact with the slope, in fact, the power supply can not be maintained in any way.


One more thing, it is not our home switch that we will turn on or off at will.

The one who lives in the sub-center can never stop or turn on his own will. All the faults that I mentioned are closed automatically, and if there are no faults, then the repair work or connection of the new line is stopped at the direction of at least 2nd class officer. If there is a fire somewhere, it is stopped.

Why is there no electricity in the village for 2/3 days?

  1. The village line is so tight that it is often impossible to find the fault
  2. The officer with his team searched the whole area. Still can’t find it
  3. Then it happens. In general, it does not stop on purpose.

Why is there load shedding?

Hey, the line is closed intentionally for load shedding only. This is also only under the direction of a first-class officer or above. This is not done intentionally. When the load is too high, the Power Transformer cannot take the load, only one feeder is turned off.



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