Why Agricultural Meteorological Stations are NeededWhy Agricultural Meteorological Stations are Needed

The climatic temperature in a space, precipitation, soil temperature, electrical conductivity, and cloud development are the things that can help the rancher the most assuming they are observed for quite a while and put away on a PC holder consistently.


By breaking down the information ordered by gathering this data over an extensive stretch of time, it turns out to be simple for the rancher to settle on a logical conclusion about which yield to establish in which land and when. Following this choice, it is trusted that the most extreme yield of the harvest will be accomplished assuming there is no unexpected fiasco.


Created nations have had this framework for quite a while. Fortunately, this framework was presented to our Sylhet Agricultural University last Wednesday. It is a mechanized agrarian meteorological station. From this station, different data connected with the agro-climatic states of the Sylhet district can be acquired.


It is managed by the Climate Smart Agriculture Lab of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences of the University. The development of this station has been subsidized by the World Bank, USAID, and the Government of Bangladesh.


The station is associated with a high-limit information holder. It will ceaselessly store data like air temperature, precipitation, soil temperature, and electrical conductivity of the soil. The data put away in the holder can be utilized with the assistance of a PC as required. The station will make an assortment of fundamental data on agro-meteorology over the long haul.


It will assume an especially supportive part in the horticultural exploration of environmental change. From here, understudies will actually want to get truly necessary viable information and abilities on the cutting-edge instruments for estimating the fundamental regulators of agro-climatic circumstances and related programming bundles. The more this condition creates, the more we will have the amazing chance to escape the state of being kept locked down by nature.


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Many researchers and scientists from 25 nations likewise examined such issues at a new meeting on environmental change and horticulture in Kathmandu, Nepal. A group of Bangladeshi researchers likewise partook there. There, researchers have noticed the development of mists to figure out the horticultural framework.


In our nation, cultivating cordial figures are not being given to remembering the ranchers. The agrometeorological station in Sylhet has opened the way for the ranchers of that division. This office currently should be spread the nation over. Really at that time will another agrarian unrest be conceivable in this country.

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