What problems can be caused by Masterbation?What problems can be caused by Masterbation?

We all are more or less familiar with masturbation or masturbation. It is a common physical activity for both men and women, which helps them to satisfy their sexual satisfaction. However, masturbation is a habit that once acquired becomes very difficult to break.


According to medical scientists, masturbation is something that is beneficial for health in moderate doses. But if one masturbates excessively or beyond a certain amount, it is very bad for the body. This habit can disrupt the normal life and sex life of people.


There are basically two types of problems when you masturbate excessively. Firstly, physical problems, and secondly, mental problems. Are you addicted to excessive masturbation? But then there is a great danger. Try to quit this habit now, otherwise, the future is bleak. Change yourself while there is time and be careful. Find out what problems can be caused by excessive Masterbation from this article.


1) Infertility Occurs:

Excessive masturbation reduces the number of sperm in a man’s semen. This can lead to male infertility or male infertility. Because, when a healthy normal man has sex, the number of sperm in the semen is about 42 million. But in the case of a person who masturbates excessively, this sperm count decreases to less than two crores. According to doctors, a man whose semen contains less than 200 million Sperms is unable to give birth to a child.

2) Reduced Immunity:

Excessive masturbation damages the genitals as well as other parts of the body. As a result, the body becomes weak and the immune system is reduced, because it damages the nervous system, heart, digestive system, urinary system, etc. And as a result of reduced immunity, various diseases are born in the body.


3) Premature Ejaculation:

For those who masturbate excessively, ejaculation may occur shortly after intercourse with a partner. As a result of which the husband or wife is unable to satisfy. And from this arises turmoil in married life.


4) Digestion Becomes Weak:

Excessive masturbation has a harmful effect on the testosterone hormone in the body. As a result, it can gradually weaken the digestive system.


5) Mental Problems Arise:

For both men and women, excessive masturbation has a negative impact on their mental health. Sometimes a distorted mentality is born. This masterbation weakens the memory.


6) Eye Problems:

Excessive masturbation damages the eyes. Instead of clear vision, the eyes sometimes appear cloudy.

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