What is Private Browsing?

What is Private Browsing?

Many times after searching for something personal on a computer or mobile, it is necessary to delete the history and browsing data of the browser.


But if the incognito mode is used, there is no need to delete browser history. Browser history is also deleted as soon as the browser is closed.


Incognito mode or private browsing is a process that enables you to browse a website through a web browser. Then your browsing history, cache, sessions, cookies, etc. will not be saved by the browser.

Private Browsing 3 dot option

It will be automatically removed whenever you finish browsing and exit the browser.

To use incognito mode, open a browser that supports it. Incognito mode works best in Google Chrome. If you are using Google Chrome, first open the Chrome browser.


Then click on the three-dot or (Ctrl+Shift+N) icon in the upper right and press the ‘New Incognito Window‘ option.


Clicking on this option will open incognito mode in the browser. Where you will see the search box above. Now in this search box, you can search and browse anything.

New Incognito Window


Closing the page in incognito mode at the end of browsing will delete all the search history in the browser. This way you can use incognito mode as many times as you want.

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