Female ChastityFemale Chastity

The word “Chastity” itself has no truth or accuracy. The word itself has lost its prestige due to the ancient traditional inferiority complex. What an honest man means, so is an honest woman. Or as we think of an honest man, the same parameters for women. So the word Sattva is abandoned.


A woman who has never had intercourse with anyone else is called a virgin. Anyway, who is the mother of the child? There is no doubt about it. Because the child is born in the vagina. She is the mother of the child.


Doubts who is the father? about that:

For this, it is necessary for women to be chaste so that the woman can identify the father of the newborn and partially impose the responsibility of rearing on him. This is chastity.


However, religious men have excessively introduced the idea of ​​women as Soti or Casati in society. and created chaos in society.


Religious leaders wanted women to be burnt alive in Sita’s fire after the death of men so that women’s chastity would not be lost. Some religious men wanted that even after their death no one else could have intercourse with their wives.


In fact, they are nothing but male lust and sexual fantasy. The victims of which are women. Any third-person man bothering about the chastity of a woman is an unrighteous practice. Because he is not putting the burden of child expenses on you. He will raise the bastard child himself. Who are you to vilify?


Women who have not engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone else are called chaste women. In other words, women who have not been raped can be called chastity.

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