What are 10 things you should never doWhat are 10 things you should never do

We make mistakes all the time. So we should avoid certain actions. Do not do any work that will put your life at risk. There will be many mistakes along the way in life. So we should minimize mistakes as much as possible. 10 such things are mentioned here. Which we do every day. So don’t do these 10 things.


1. Do not send your personal photos to anyone. Do not show your face when sent. You never know the outcome.


2. Never leave your children alone with anyone, even if he is the most trusted. Betrayal comes from one’s own people.


3. Don’t indulge yourself in any kind of addiction, be it drugs or porn. It just kills your time and energy and all you get in return is guilt and an unhealthy life.


4. Never yell at your parents, even if you are unruly. Just try to get them to understand your point calmly. They will surely understand your situation.


5. Don’t smash your friend’s face on the cake. You can watch a lot of videos on how dangerous it can be.


6. If you have bad news to share, try to tell it in person and not over a phone call.


7. Never reject calls from unknown numbers. It could be your family or friends who don’t have their phones with them and may be in trouble


8. Don’t be rude to a delivery person if your order is late, they will try their best to give you good service. They are human too, and can make mistakes.


9. Don’t try to get discounts from small sellers, they don’t sell things for profit it’s just for their livelihood.


10. If you are a parent, don’t ignore sudden changes in your child’s behavior. Be it happiness or sadness.

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