• The anticipating framework is being modernized
  • 200 perception communities will be set up in the country
  • A remote ocean determining framework will be created
  • There is a downpour measure station in that divisional town
  • Streams of waterway water will be accessible 24 hours per day


It had been pouring in the country since March keep going year, well before the rainstorm. Around then, consistently, the sky would become dark and thick mists would accumulate. Many individuals passed on in the lightning strike. Be that as it may, after a year, until the principal half of 2019, the image of the nation’s weather conditions is totally different.


Winter didn’t come in Magh-Falgun. Indeed, even in the long stretch of Baishakh, Kalbaishakhi has not streamed like last year till now. Precipitation is likewise very low. Because of such fast changes in climate and environment, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department will modernize the estimating framework.


As a component of this, 200 perception communities will be set up the nation over, and remote ocean climate and environment estimating frameworks will likewise be set up. Plus, downpour measure stations will be set up in Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, and Chittagong to realize the precipitation conjecture and precipitation.


As per the Meteorological Department, the early admonition of cataclysmic events, for example, twisters, dry spells, and floods will diminish the death toll and harm to horticultural creation and will improve the nature of climate and environment determining administrations in the country in general. Nonetheless, the advantages of the advanced determining framework will be accessible in two additional years.


Ways to Know the Weather Forecast in Advance

To this end, work on a 127 million venture called ‘Bangladesh Weather and Climate Services Regional Project’ with a credit from the World Bank began in June 2016. The task will end on December 31, 2022. Notwithstanding the Meteorological Department, the Department of Agricultural Extension, and the Water Development Board are likewise engaged with this venture.


As a component of the task, the Ministry of Defense has gone into a concurrence with the neighborhood government division to set up 200 computerized weather conditions checking focuses to get exact estimates. The arrangement was endorsed on April 9 in the gathering room of the neighborhood government division at the secretariat.


Meteorologist Abdul Mannan said a meteorological perception place would be set up at the Upazila level. On April 26, he let Prothom Alo know that the issue would be viewed as setting up perception communities in regions with additional catastrophic events.


As of now, the Meteorological Department has 43 perception habitats in the nation over. Of these, 16 are in Dhaka, Khulna, and Rangpur divisions, 16 each in Mymensingh and Sylhet divisions, 12 in Chittagong division, five in Rajshahi division, and four in Barisal division.


These will be changed over into mechanized checking focuses. Aside from this, novel perception communities will be set up in 156 more Upazilas. Nonetheless, a portion of the old perception habitats has been modernized.


As per the Meteorological Department, more perception communities will be set up in the seaside region of the nation where flowing floods are more articulated. Likewise, regions impacted by stream disintegration will be given significance. Aside from this, novel perception communities will be set up in rural regions.


As per the Meteorological Department, waterlogging is a significant issue in the nation’s metros, including the capital Dhaka. Aside from the weighty downpours of the storm season, waterlogging happens in these urban areas just when there is a little downpour in the early rainstorm. Because of this, individuals of the city are languishing.


Aside from Dhaka, this issue is clear in Chittagong city. Hence, aside from Dhaka and Chittagong, a sum of four downpour check stations will be developed in Rajshahi and Barisal. From the downpour check station, these four metropolitan specialist organizations will actually want to gather downpour conjecture and precipitation information.


Ranchers will benefit: According to meteorologists, crop creation is better assuming that the weather conditions are positive. In any case, early rains, weighty downpours, floods, delayed floods, storms, hailstorms, dry seasons, and numerous different reasons for crop disappointment. That’s what concerned individuals say assuming this venture is executed, horticulture will benefit.


Extra Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension (Crop Crops) said. Jahangir Alam let Prothom Alo know that at present the gauge data must be gathered from the administrative center of the Meteorological Department. The data was then sent from the Department of Agricultural Extension to the workplace of the Upazila Agriculture Officer.


That data is then given to neighborhood ranchers. The entire cycle is a long one. In this way, assuming that there are 200 novel perception places, exact gauges can be acquired locally. Thus, accelerating the administration of rural work will be conceivable.


Flood figure data will be accessible: If the flood conjecture is found through the most recent framework, it will be feasible to make the fundamental strides rapidly, said the Executive Engineer of the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center of the Bangladesh Water Development Board. Arifuzzaman Bhuiyan. He said in the primary light, that the flood estimating and cautioning focus has three and a half hundred observing focuses on the nation over.


At present gathering advanced flood information from these centers is conceivable. Customarily, waterways can be noticed exclusively from morning to evening. This isn’t possible around evening time. Under this task 307 additional focuses will be computerized. Thus, every 15 to 30 minutes in 24 hours, the water level of the stream will be expanded.


Meteorological conjecture from the ocean: Bangladesh Meteorological Department has 43 perception places yet there is no framework to gather meteorological data from the Bay of Bengal. Be that as it may, various twisters, low strain, and light tension frequently happen from the Bay of Bengal. A few typhoons strengthen and hit waterfront regions.


Adjoining nations India and Thailand have set up different perception gadgets in the remote ocean. In this task of the World Bank, a drive has been taken to screen the climate in a huge region of the Bay of Bengal. For this, Ocean Boy will be introduced at three spots in the ocean area of Bangladesh. Through this data about the climate of the ocean can be gotten rapidly.


How the weather conditions will be, will be known for quite a while in the past

Meteorologist Abdul Mannan said in the principal light, ‘Sea Boy will be drifting in the remote ocean. The lower part of the ocean will be left with the link. From that point, Ocean Boy will gather ocean perceptions and information. That data will be shipped off the satellite through sensors. The satellite will rapidly move straightforwardly from the correspondence framework straightforwardly to the Meteorological Department.


Abdul Mannan said, ‘India’s huge waters. They have set up around one and a half hundred Ocean Boys. Thailand is likewise well ahead on this path. We will set up three Ocean Boys with the assistance of the Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard. ‘


Under this task, the limit of the Meteorological Department will be improved in breaking down the information of conceivable weather patterns. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, US space research focus NASA, and Columbia University in the United States are being helped for this.


They will be prepared with new advances and instruments that are being concocted to know the ongoing weather conditions figure. Their specialists will be welcomed, said Abdul Mannan. He said present-day gear would be utilized. The Meteorological Department will utilize 500 and fifty MBBS limit data transmission to take specialized help through present-day hardware.


The Meteorological Department gives short, medium, and long haul figures for the examination of conceivable weather patterns. While the Meteorological Department is somewhat forward-thinking in giving short-and medium-term conjectures, it is still a long way behind long-haul gauges. For this, meteorologists believe that an adjustment of the technique for weather conditions estimating is required.


Overseer of the Meteorological Department Shamsuddin Ahmed let Prothom Alo know that worldwide environmental change is occurring. Suitable checking measures are expected to recognize these changes. For this now new innovation and hardware has come.


You should know all about this innovation. Once more, exact forecasts should be made as fast as could really be expected. Thus, the work on the Bangladesh Weather and Climate Services Regional Project is underway. It will require an additional two years to come by the outcomes.

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