Things to do to study in South KoreaThings to do to study in South Korea

South Korea is filling in prominence among youngsters as a nation of K-pop. Numerous colleges in the nation are currently the most loved objective of numerous in the field of advanced education. We asked a few Bangladeshi understudies and specialists learning at a South Korean college to respond to 10 inquiries regarding advanced education.


1. Is it conceivable to read up in South Korea for graduation after HSC?

In the wake of finishing secondary school or at this level, there are chances to learn at different colleges in South Korea at the undergrad level. Taizul Islam is concentrating on BBA at Kukmin University in Seoul. He said, ‘I came to concentrate on in South Korea in the wake of completing secondary school from Dhaka Residential Model College.


The main year subsequent to coming here I concentrated on the Korean language and culture at Hansio University. Then, at that point, I participate in the Topic (Test of Proficiency in Korean) test for language abilities and meet all requirements for college affirmation. ‘Korea has the valuable chance to independently concentrate on English and Korean.

For the people who read English, IELTS scores are taken at the hour of utilization. For the individuals who read through Korean, the subject needs to present a score. Understudies get a confirmation in two semesters in various colleges in South Korea. The fall semester starts in September and the spring semester starts in March. The affirmation application process begins four to five months before the beginning of the semester.


2. Which is the best grant to concentrate on in Korea?

The South Korean government offers a few grants. In the wake of finishing his PhD research at Korea University of Science and Technology, Dr. is doing postdoctoral examinations at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). Siam Uddin. “South Korea’s administration grant is exceptionally appealing,” he said. There are amazing chances to learn at undergrad, postgraduate, and PhD levels through the Global Korea Scholarship Program. The public authority grant is accessible from the site of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh.


3. What are the capabilities of an administration grant in Korea?

Confirmation is accessible through the South Korea Global Korea Scholarship Program. Should be keen on training and examination for this grant. For the people who come to learn at the undergrad level, notwithstanding studies, the experience of partaking in different social and legitimacy-based worldwide contests, including the Mathematical Olympiad, is thought of.


Exploration and application process for government grants are distributed on the site in September and October consistently. Dyuthi Kundu is doing her PhD at Chonnam National University. He expressed, ‘Contribution in scholar and examination work is particularly significant for learning at Masters level in South Korea. I’m reading up for a Masters’s Leading to PhD program.

Things to do to study in South Korea

Korean grants are serious. Altogether, 10-15 understudies get the chance to concentrate in various colleges. Grant open doors are accessible for understudies who have distributed in global diaries or exploration papers and are working in worldwide associations. ‘


4. What different grants are there?

Notwithstanding government grants, different colleges have their own grants. To get this grant, you need to watch out for the college site. Kist’s postdoctoral specialist said. Siam Uddin said, ‘I got the chance to get affirmation in the supported program while I was conceded here. My educational expenses, protection, and different costs are paid by the college. ‘


5. Do you need to learn the Korean language to concentrate in Korea?

Can be perused in both English and Korean. In any case, there are more open doors in Korea. Taizul Islam, a BBA understudy at Kukmin University, said, “I have the chance to learn at the college in the wake of learning Korean at the Level Three level.”


6. What is the cost for most everyday items in Korea?

The way of life in South Korea is far superior to that in different nations. For that reason, the average cost for many everyday items is moderately high. The typical cost for most everyday items is higher, particularly for concentrating on colleges in the capital Seoul and enormous urban areas.


Dr. Siam Uddin said, ‘I have been in Saul for over seven years. The cost for many everyday items for understudies in Seoul is about ৮ 600-700 per month. What’re more, different urban communities cost about ৪ 350-450. ‘PhD analyst Dyuthi Kundu said,’ You need to comprehend that South Korea is one of the most extravagant and most created nations on the planet.


Here understudies get equivalent open doors from various colleges in the United States or Europe. Also, the cost for many everyday items is higher on the grounds that Korea’s medical services, amusement, and different life plans are present day. ‘


7. What amount does it cost to study without a grant?

You can concentrate on South Korea entirely on your own. In any case, the possibilities of learning at the undergrad level are significantly less. Understudies have the chance to learn at public and state-funded colleges. BBA understudy Taizul Islam said the expense of these colleges is generally low. In any case, it is challenging to learn on one’s own as the expense of a confidential college is a lot higher.


At the single guy level, to learn all on one’s own, one needs to raise educational expenses and everyday costs. Contingent upon the college, the educational expense at the undergrad level is four to 5,000 bucks (around 3 lakh 60 thousand-4 lakh 75 thousand rupees). The postdoctoral scientist said. Siam Uddin said the educational expense for aces level is four to 6,000 bucks. Educational expenses at the PhD level are three to 4,000 bucks.


8. How might I learn Korean at home?

There are valuable chances to learn the Korean language in Bangladesh through different mediums. You can learn through different sites on the Internet. Many individuals advance by watching instructional exercises on YouTube. Many learn Korean at the International Language Institute of Dhaka University. Korean films or web series will likewise help you in learning the language.


9. Do you have the valuable chance to concentrate as well as work in South Korea?

There is. You need to go after a position a potential open door at the hour of movement. Understudies can work extended periods on siestas. Be that as it may, there is no standard for understudies to work over 20 hours on different days of the week. Open positions are more accessible in large urban communities.


Somewhat low in humble communities. Furthermore, knowing the language for work is significant. Realizing the Korean language increments open positions. Regardless of whether you realize English in a few major urban communities including the capital, you will find a new line of work.


PhD analyst Dyuthi Kundu said the individuals who have more language abilities have more open positions. Can function as a right hand in different research centers. There are likewise customary open positions in worldwide associations.


10. What are the open positions in that nation subsequent to concentrating on Korea?

The individuals who concentrate on data and correspondence innovation (ICT) or designing have more open positions. There are open positions in different global organizations including Samsung or Hyundai Motors, and LG Electronics. Open positions for understudies in business organizations or humanities are moderately low.


Kist’s postdoctoral analyst said. Siam Uddin said, ‘I engaged in research subsequent to finishing my PhD. Occupations in South Korea are very cutthroat. There is a great deal of examination and incredible skill here. The people who need to come to Korea, to study, need to remember these things.’

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