The Story of Life after DeathThe Story of Life after Death

The Story of Life after Death

I don’t know the people who will live in my house, in my house, who will enjoy my land after 200 years from today.

They don’t even know me. Because I will be buried long before they are born. And by then my name will be deleted.

The grave will also be wiped out. My children will breathe a sigh of relief as long as they remember!


But they will not miss me as much as their children will miss them after their death. Maybe he will do a little for his grandfather while visiting his father’s grave and praying. But his next generation will not remember. My great-grandfather died about 200 years ago.


Who has left houses, places, and lands for my former men? The same house, the same place, the land we are enjoying now. But we do not know where his grave is. Maybe my grandfather’s father knew. But grandfather’s father is not alive, grandfather is not alive either.


However, the mountain of wealth that he has built up by seven or five cannot be taken to the grave. And for those who are leaving, they will not remember you for sure! Do you think you have won by forcibly occupying other people’s property? Do you think you have won by trading interest, bribes, commissions, and building a mountain of wealth?


Then you are a complete fool!

Sorry for using this word!

I’m sorry.

Our time is very short! So this interest, bribery, corruption, abuse of power, disputes over property, etc. There is no gain. When you have time, get well and collect food from the grave. That is the wise thing to do. Let’s prepare ourselves as honest people for the hereafter. That is the real resource for you.

May Allah Almighty forgive us all. Amen

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