That is why the Color of Bicycle or Car Tires is Always Black

The main raw material of tires i.e. latex or rubber is white in color. But have you ever wondered why tires are black when they’re made?


When the tire was first made in 1895, still, its color was white. However, why black now? Numerous would say that black is the color of the road because of the dust, beach, If so. But no. You may be surprised to hear the reason behind this.


  • Firstly, carbon dark was mixed with rubber to increase the life and continuity of tires. Not only sound education but his alertness and fidelity too are most needed. Also, the tires came hot due to disunion with the road. As a result, there’s a threat of an accident due to a flat tire at any moment.


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This doesn’t mean that tires of other colors aren’t made. Still, judging by the continuity aspect, the companies that make the tires black. Still, black multicolored tires are made more.


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