Symptoms and Remedies for Rapid EjaculationSymptoms and Remedies for Rapid Ejaculation

The number of men who ejaculate quickly during sexual intercourse is not small. They have to be frustrated if the sperm comes out before they get extreme satisfaction about the body. Some people use different types of gels and sprays to prevent this. But these can cause side effects with regular use. Javamed, a London-based company in the United Kingdom, has come up with some simple solutions to these issues.


The institute’s research shows that British men have long-term physical contact using a variety of natural techniques.


Change of Position

If you have sex following the ‘missionary position’, ejaculation is quicker. During sexual intercourse, a woman spreads her legs and lies down, which is called a missionary position. In this method, the man has sex lying to his partner. It may not be possible to prevent rapid ejaculation. A solution, in this case, might be the ‘Cow Girl Position’. In this method, men lie on their backs. The woman sat on him and had sexual intercourse.


Two other methods of preventing rapid ejaculation are ‘face off’ and ‘spoon’. In the face-off position, the man sits upright in a chair or bed. The woman had sex face to face on the man’s lap. The woman lies down in the spoon position. The man had sex lying on his back.


Stroke Control

The insertion of the penis into the vagina is called a stroke. After a few strokes, when it seems that the semen can come out, it can no longer enter. I have to take a break.



If you have sex after a long time, you ejaculate quickly. This is because the testicles are full of semen. As a result, semen comes out after a few strokes. It’s a lot like a glass of water filled to the brim. If it moves a little, it overflows quickly. So semen can be extracted by masturbating shortly before intercourse.


Condom Use

If the penis enters the vagina and gives a stroke, friction occurs. This makes the inside of the vagina hot. In friction and heat, the semen comes out quickly. Using a condom can prolong it.


The lubricant on the condom reduces friction. It also produces less heat. But keep in mind, that using thinner condoms will not be beneficial. A slightly thicker type of condom may be effective.


Squeeze Method

This method is effective in the case of masturbation. The skin should be pressed with the thumb at the bottom of the genitalia where the skin is attached. Then with the head of the thumb, you have to twist that place from left to right or from right to left. This method can be applied while the genitals are growing.


Effective Thinking

Many people think about pornography during sexual intercourse. Some people start imagining the body of a woman seen on the road, on the bus train again. Such thoughts lead to rapid ejaculation. So you have to stop thinking about any other woman during sex. Complex mathematical formulas, literary subjects, and landscapes can be imagined while giving strokes.


Javamed claims that British men who took part in the survey benefited by imagining things outside of sex during sexual intercourse.

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