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Physical Labor Should be Increased in Bone Care

In the last few days, like the rest of the world, the children of this country have become dependent on online education, entertainment, shopping — everything. At present, the prevalence of epilepsy has greatly decreased, but online-centric livelihoods are moving at the same pace. By far, the phone in the palm of the hand is considered to be the closest, most urgent, and most popular medium. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The younger generation is focusing more on outdoor activities, exercise, movement, and sports than screen-based activities on mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers. It has adverse effects on bones, muscles, and other parts of the body. Osteoporosis is seen in them at a young age.


Young people between the ages of 20-and 25 need to have plenty of nutritious foods in their daily diet at this time. Although they are becoming more and more interested in junk food, fast food. Other family members should therefore be helped to be aware of these issues.


Special care should be taken to ensure that the daily diet is rich in calcium and minerals. Milk, eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits should be eaten. You should be interested in fresh food rich in homemade nutrients.

Bone Care
Bone Care

Lately, many young people are suddenly suffering from various physical problems. These include bone complications, terrible osteoporosis, and osteoporosis. Sitting in one place for a long time on the phone or laptop work or entertainment is both. As a result, the performance of bones and muscles decreases. The bones become weak. Pain in hands and feet, back and waist pain is often felt.


  • The younger generation must regularly exercise for 40 minutes to 1 hour daily. This will strengthen the bones, and increase bone performance. Vitamin D should be stored in the body for 15 to 20 minutes daily from the sun. Because about 90% of vitamin D is stored in our body from sunlight every day.
  • In addition, Md. Asjadur Rahman said, to make it a habit to walk around all the time in daily life without using a car or rickshaw all the time. 40 minutes of brisk walking every day is a wonderful exercise. It keeps the muscles of the body active and strengthens the bones.
  • In addition, cycling can be practiced. The muscles of the body are well-formed. Calories are burned. Bone exercises strengthen bones. However, young people on the road should also be accustomed to cycling very carefully, so as not to cause any accidents. Excess weight bags on the back should be avoided. It is also harmful to the bones of the body.
  • Another major component of bone calcium is found in milk, dairy foods, fish, meat, and eggs. Try to put more of these foods in your daily diet.


The younger generation needs to stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking. Both of these increase bone loss.

The bathroom should not be kept slippery and you should sleep with a dim light in the dark at night. This will not cause an accident like going to the bathroom at night and breaking bones.


Lately, youngsters are showing interest in riding bikes or motorcycles. But as a motorcyclist, these young people are the victims of most accidents. In addition to death, there are many cases of broken bones and paralysis for the rest of one’s life. According to a survey, the hospital’s orthopedic department has the highest number of young people injured in motorcycle accidents. The most important thing, in this case, is to acquire skills with proper training before riding a motorcycle. At the same time, it is important to make it a habit to wear a helmet to prevent accidents on the road.


Bangladesh is moving forward with the help of the youth. Let the Bangladesh of the bright young generation with our healthy and strong bodies move forward with pride in merit, ability, and success. May our young generation always be good. However, for the health of all the organs including the bones, there is no more beneficial aspect of living an orderly and controlled life.

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