Make Money Playing GamesMake Money Playing Games

Make Money Playing Games

Assuming you imagine that the domain of sports, motion pictures, or music is the greatest in media outlets, you will be off-base. Gaming is presently the biggest media outlet on the planet regarding cash. By joining this industry, gamers are additionally procuring in different ways. The act of gaming in Bangladesh isn’t extremely lengthy. Notwithstanding, numerous youngsters in our nation are currently considering becoming proficient gamers. There are different kinds of revenue from gaming. We should discuss a couple.


1. Prize cash

Different gaming contests are being coordinated routinely in the nation and abroad. Both on the web and disconnected contests have huge award cash. Gamers can bring in great cash in competitions. Toward the end of last year, the ‘Intra-BUET Valerant Cup‘ was held at the Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) under the protection of STARTECH. Coordinated with the support of 30 groups, the award pool of the competition was 55,000 rupees.

An individual from Team Murgiblasters, sprinters up in the competition, said: When the backers witness that an occasion has been effective, they consider doing somewhat more award pool occasion. Yet, generally speaking, it is extremely dangerous to be an expert gamer in this nation, contingent just upon the award cash of the opposition. Since how much award cash in our nation is tiny contrasted with outside. Furthermore, interestingly, there aren’t an excessive number of competitions. ‘


2. Support

Assuming you really do well in rivalries, you can get your own support. Numerous gamers bring in great cash by joining sponsorship arrangements for a decent timeframe. At times, numerous gamers get sponsorship just for explicit competitions or rivalries.


3. Working Gamer

Numerous gamers play under an agreement with an association for a month-to-month compensation. They participated in different competitions in the interest of that association.


4. Streaming

  • YouTube: Many gamers are bringing in cash through games in real-time on YouTube, a well-known video sharing stage. Profit start after the adaptation choice of the YouTube channel is sent off.


  • Jerk: Twitch is extremely famous with gamers. Jerk is a site made only for game streaming. Recordings of live games should be visible on this site. Many individuals are bringing in cash by real-time video of the game at this stage.

Make Money Playing Games

  • Facebook: Facebook additionally has the chance to bring in cash through game streaming. Similarly, as there is income from the promotions in the video, there is additionally the chance to get awards from fans or devotees. Gamer and Facebook decoration Shihab Imtiaz imagines that YouTube web-based is more well known in different nations yet Facebook streaming is ahead in this country.


The individual from the triumphant group of the SkySports Championship 3.0, which was held last September with gamers from Bangladesh and Maldives, said, I likewise began gushing around 2020. Anything that the gamers or crowds of this nation say, the two sides are somewhat more dynamic on Facebook. Furthermore, there is a chance to benefit monetarily from Facebook streaming. ‘


5. Quality affirmation test

In the wake of making a game, different examinations are finished. There might be bugs or blunders in the game. An expert gamer can assist with distinguishing these mistakes. This is called ‘Quality Assurance Testing’. Game producers recruit proficient gamers for a charge. Gamers call attention to issues or mistakes in games under development. Considering them, the maker began working over again.


Famous three gamers


Cover’s genuine name is Michael. In spite of the fact that he began his vocation as a ‘Counter Strike-Global Offensive‘ gamer, he resigned in 2016 and is presently an undeniable decoration in Canada. He has 95 lakh supporters on the gamer’s streaming site Twitch. Also, the quantity of supporters on YouTube is 75 lakh. He as of late streamed the game ‘Party time’ made in Bangladesh on Twitch. Simply by streaming Twitch, his month-to-month pay is around 50 thousand US dollars (in excess of 43 lakh rupees)!



Tenz’s genuine name is Tyson. He is likewise an inhabitant of Canada. He played for a US e-sports organization called Sentinels. The month-to-month pay you get from this association is multiple crores. This year won the internet-based competition named ‘VCT 2021: North America Stage Three Challengers Play-Offs‘. Aside from this, he holds the record of turning into the boss in numerous different rivalries. Jerk has 1.6 million supporters. YouTube has arrived at 1 million supporters.


It’s Timmy

The genuine name is Timmy N. Albeit the US gamer is just 21 years of age, he is extremely famous in the realm of streaming. He initially played a game called Apex Legends. The month-to-month pay of this expert gamer is around three and a half lakh rupees just by real-time video. Jerk has 11 lakh supporters.


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