Katrina is the Best Beauty of the year

The news broke when Katrina Kaif was floating in the sea with her partner Vicky strategy. This year’s ‘Business Icon of India’ award ceremony was held at Sahara Star, a five-star hotel in Mumbai, India. There, as a beauty entrepreneur, Katrina received the title of ‘Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year’. She received the award for her beauty brand, K Beauty by Katrina.

Many thought that the K Beauty by Katrina brand would be for the upper class only. The prices of these products will be beyond the reach of the middle class. This is where Katrina puts her signature of achievement. The prices of these beauty products are relatively low. Leap crayons for 24 sheds cost Rs 799 or Rs 908 (Rs 1 equals Rs 1 14 paise) The price of 12 shade lip pencils is 720 rupees. And the price of a 6 shade lip topper is 695 rupees. According to Vogue India Magazine, keeping the price of these cosmetics within the reach of the users has been very important in gaining popularity and establishment among the general public in just two and a half years. Here, Katrina’s business acumen and leadership qualities are revealed.

Many celebrities say he uses his own brand of products but does not. However, several fashion and beauty magazines have reported that Katrina regularly uses Beauty by Katrina products. In all these photoshoots, she has used K Beauty by Katrina’s cosmetics. Through this, his brand has gained loyalty. And it has played an important role in establishing it.

Katrina Kaif said, “From the beginning, I wanted to understand makeup. I believe that when a person becomes like himself, he looks the most beautiful. When a person is happy with his skin, then the inner beauty is reflected in the skin. And when the makeup adapts beautifully to the skin, then only that makeup becomes a part of the skin. The beauty of the mind is the big thing. Makeup just brings it out. ‘

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According to Katrina, makeup makes people confident. So makeup is not just a product, it is an accessory of life. Especially after waking up in the morning, using some makeup, brightens the skin. He believes that every woman is as beautiful as he is. And so they should celebrate their beauty.
In the meantime, there are 6 lakh 42 thousand followers of the K Beauty by Katrina page on Instagram.


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