How to start freelancingHow to start freelancing

How to Start Freelancing with no Experience

If you want to be a freelancer, you need to follow the steps below!

  1. A nice tidy office!
  2. An expensive big office table!
  3. An expensive comfortable presidential chair!
  4. Two office assistants to look after you all the time!
  5. Cold hot, mineral water system!
  6. Extremely expensive high-configuration PC! Plenty of RGB lights should be installed so that when the PC is turned on, the whole office room will glow with colorful light.
  7. Three large LED monitors are attached to the PC!
  8. A laptop (Mac Book air is better)! The Apple logo is clearly visible.
  9. A big smart LED TV hanging on the wall (country news, to watch the game)!
  10. Coffee maker, separate kitchen section, for tea breakfast!
  11. Take selfies a few times a day and post them on Facebook, so that everyone understands that you are a freelancer! (Laptop’s Apple logo, three monitors, and your desk and chair should be clearly visible in the picture) And last but not least, all you have to do is become a freelancer !!

Forget everything above!
This Ajara omitted to dream. Break the paradigm and open your PC / Laptop. Get down to work. When you get on the path, the path shows the way. None of the above is required for freelancing

With 2GB RAM dual-core PC and mobile data, freelancing in the village, earning thousands of dollars per month.

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