Fiverr Gig Ranking 2022Fiverr Gig Ranking 2022

Fiverr Gig Ranking 2022

Honestly, the way Fiverr is controlling my sales and orders now has never been seen before. I remember when I started working in 2012, once the gig was ranked, it would stay for years and generate sales of a specified amount. And the cell was growing every month. That day is long gone. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Everyone needs to have a good idea about the fiber gig algorithm. Then your gig will have a chance to get better. So let’s start with Fiverr’s algorithm.

In the current version of Fiverr, its search engine works exactly like Google. Google has its own algorithm (some rules). Fiverr also has its own algorithm which is different from all others, it is completely dynamic and constantly changing. Depending on the behavior of the user, he may show the result. This algorithm of the Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor is very difficult to catch now. Especially for people like me who are almost impossible. However, those who work with SEO and study well with Fiverr can guess a little.

Google, for example, has a 200+ ranking factor that they never share with anyone. Similarly, Fiverr never shares its Gig Ranking Factor algorithm. Fiber’s gig algorithm is now completely dynamic. That is, it is constantly changing based on different conditions. This dynamic algorithm is exactly where a gig will be, how it will be. As a result, we see a gig doing well, but it’s gone a long way from the front page a few days later. It was not even 2/3 years ago from today. If a gig was ranked then it would be in the same place. The gigs at the front of the page would get a very good sale. As a result, it was difficult for newcomers to do well. But now it is relatively easy for newcomers to do well. But for this, your gig must be of good professional quality. I read various articles on fiber algorithms and discuss the main, gig ranking factors in the light of my own real experience.

Total order number:

This can be called the biggest factor of gig ranking. The more orders placed in your gig cue, the more your gig will be forward. The gig order is low so the gig will slowly move backward. The number of orders is probably calculated monthly, not a lifetime. Notice that all the gigs have a lot of orders, they are on the same side. In many ways, more and more orders can be placed in Gig’s queue. This can be easily done by taking the delivery time home when taking a custom order from the buyer. This can be discussed in detail in a future article.

Total number of click views

A gig’s rank largely depends on how many clicks your gig has. If more visitors come to your gig, stay longer and if they click more on the gig then it is convenient to rank the gig. For this, after publishing a new gig, you have to focus on gig marketing. If you can promote Gig just like that, Gig will get a good click view and it will be easy to get orders. But keep in mind that spamming can never be done in the name of gig marketing. It will be the opposite of hit.

Conversion rate

By conversion rate we mean the total number of orders, in proportion to your gig click views. For example, if you get 100 clicks for your gig and there are 5 orders in it, then the higher the conversion rate of your gig, 5%, the better your gig will be. It is usually considered good if the conversion rate is above 5+. Now whatever happens on Fiverr, especially the new ones brings a giggle click view by spamming a lot on various social media. But there is no cell in that ratio. Keep in mind that this is very harmful to Gig. Because lots of visitors are real but the cell is not real, then Fiverr’s loss. Because they have to pay for the server. So you have to do good marketing by eliminating spamming. How to do gig marketing can be discussed in a future article.


If the gig has a good rating, then that gig will do well. It is important to remember that when a buyer publicly gives a rating to a seller, he also gives two more ratings. It doesn’t see the cellar. Not only this, after giving a rating, he can also select the best category in which the seller is. These have a very good effect on Cellar’s gig rankings. So try to keep the buyer completely satisfied. And don’t forget that you can’t ask for a good rating or a specific rating and you can’t use any tricks. If you catch it, eat the warning. It is strictly forbidden in the new rules. In general, you can rate me according to your satisfaction level.


There is some controversy about the level of sellers in gig banking. However, Fiverr says that a Level-2 seller receives 4 times more traffic from a new seller. But the reality is that even a top-rated seller is not getting gig orders even after giving a new gig. The funny thing is that after getting the level, many may experience getting fewer orders. This means that Gig’s ranking goes down a bit after getting the level. For example, my sales have dropped by almost 50% since I received the Top Reddit badge. However, it is temporary and after a few days, it becomes normal for orders to come again. Personally, Cellar’s level plays a role in gig rankings, albeit to a lesser extent.

Response rate and response time

A very important factor for Fiverr Gig Ranking. A buyer sent a message to a seller for a job and the seller did not reply, nothing could be worse. You can understand this by imagining yourself in the place of the buyer. Fiverr dislikes it very much. If you do not respond quickly and on time, your response rate will continue to decrease and time will increase. As a result, Gig’s rank may go down. For this, keep Fiver’s apps installed on your smartphone and reply to the buyer’s message quickly. Try to answer within 1 hour. If the buyer replies within 30 minutes of receiving the message, the probability of receiving the order increases by 50%.

On-time delivery

Fiverr prefers to deliver the order before the delivery time. For this, the work must be delivered within the specified time. 12 hours ago they give a warning message to deliver the work. So the idea is that if the work is delivered 12 hours before the specified time, the gig will do better. If you can’t submit the work within the specified time, message the buyer to extend the time. The buyer will extend the time. However, it cannot be made a habit. Because this will also damage the ranking of your gig. If you want to increase the time frequently, it is better to increase the delivery time of the gig.

Cellar activity

Fiverr likes the seller that works regularly. The cellar doesn’t like to take frequent leave. So you have to try to do regular work. There is an option called “Out of Office”, Fiverr will ask you to turn it off if you need a holiday for a long time. But it can no longer be a suicidal decision. Because if you turn it on, your gig could lose its rank. Even that gig can’t do any better. I was on vacation for about a month and a half to travel abroad. The best-selling Gig’s rank never returned after the holidays, and Gig’s sales dropped dramatically.
So it is best to increase the delivery time of the gig. Communicate with the buyer through apps. Hopefully, your gig won’t hurt.


Fiverr Gig Ranking’s Biggest Factor This Keywod, Fiverr’s Gig Ranking Factor works a lot like Google. For example, if your gig is on the Minimalist Logo, then the title of your gig must have this keyword once. The first paragraph of the gig description must be 1/2 bar and must be in capital letters. However, the main keyword description must not be used more than 2%. Otherwise, Fiverr’s robot will detect it as spam and may not give Gig’s rank.
The 5 Featured Keywords below the gig should be given very carefully. Of course, the first must be the main keyword. The remaining four main keywords must be relevant. So it is better to choose the best keyword from the keywords of the best selling gigs. In the next article, I will talk about how to rank gigs.

Order Completion Rate

When ordering from a buyer, it must be done well. Try not to cancel the order. Canceling more orders will lower your Order Completion Rate, Gig’s rank may go down. Even canceling more orders may lead to an account ban. So be careful about this.


Getting a warning is now a terrifying name for Fiverr sellers. If you get a warning for any reason, your gig ranking may go down. And that ranking may take time to come back. So try to give good service and follow the rules of Fiverr well, so as not to give any warning.

Selling price

This is now one of the biggest factors of the Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor. At one time Fiverr was a $5 marketplace, and they were working hard to get out of this mess. They don’t like  $5 sellers anymore. So the higher the selling price of the gig, the more chances there are to rank the gig. I tested my gig myself and found evidence of this.

ID verification

Lately Fiverr is doing more and more ID verification. Especially the new profile wants more verification. It gives 14 days to verify after receiving the verification notice. Many people make a mistake by rushing for verification. If you make a mistake three times in a row, the account is restricted. If the account is restricted, the buyer cannot place any order. Cannot communicate with any buyer. Gigs pause and disappear from the search. Contacting support later gives you the opportunity to verify again. But the problem is that once the account is restricted, it becomes a loss. Your gig rank may be gone. There are also cases where the gig was deleted after the account was returned. So be careful about this. You can read my article in the group above to verify the account.

Amount of favorites

You will see a button on the top right of your gig indicating how many people have liked your gig. The more favorites there are, the better for the gig. However, it is not that the gig will do well if you have a lot of favorites in the gig. Now basically there are different groups where the sellers exchange favorites among themselves. Remember, there is no benefit in doing this. Because if more and more sellers are favorites then Fiverr basically treats it as spam and it is harmful to the gig. However, if the gig is the favorite from more and more buyer profiles, it is better for the gig. So without looking at all this, Gig has to be prepared as very interesting. You need to add an audio-video to Gigi. Then the gig will continue to be fefert.


The Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor is a very important ranking factor. The longer the gig stays on Fiverr and provides better service, the better. Fiverr looks at how many days a gig has been in service what is the total number of orders and what is the total value. This is what we can call authority. The better the gig authority, the better the gig will continue to do.
And the profile also has authority. They determine this by checking all the gigs and seller activity on a profile. You will see that those who have been working on Fiverr for a long time do not have a problem getting the cell.

Fiverr Choice

If your gig has a Fiber Choice badge, your gig will help you rank faster and generate lots of orders. So when you get this badge, you should try to keep it with good service. Keep in mind that Fiber now gives these badges based on specific keywords. So in some orders, it may not show up after receiving Gig’s Vivar Choice Badge. So there is nothing to fear.

Promote Gig

It’s been a long time since Fiber introduced this feature. If your gig has a prompt gig option, turn it on. However, once it is turned on, it is better not to turn it off, otherwise, the gig’s rank may go away. So in my opinion the gig selling price is higher and the chances of getting an order are higher. Not all gigs need to be turned on. It is better to keep Gig’s CPC Cap tight. Although it costs more, Fiber will automatically promote your gig. From now on, the cost of gig promotion will have to be added to the order account. There is no other way. Since Fiber is serious about it, we have no choice but to keep it running.

Seller Plus

This is also a new feature of Fiber. If you turn on this feature, you will have to pay 29 monthly. In return, it will give you suggestions on what your gig rank is and what keywords your gig is doing well, and what other improvements can be made. Not only this, with the help of this you can talk to a support manager about how to make Gig better. However, the problem is that so far the performance of this feature is not good and it takes a long time to talk to the support manager. If you have a good income, you can further improve your gig by turning on this feature.

Account hacked

It’s like a wreck for sellers now. Many hacker buyers send files with hacking tools and many also give suspicious links to check. If you click on these, your account will be hacked immediately. If the account is hacked, they block the account if they inform Fiber. It is very difficult and very troublesome to get back the hacked account. And hackers usually delete the gig even if the account is returned, and even if there is a gig, all the ranks go away. So I would say you must keep a backup of your gig. And PC will definitely use a good paid antivirus. I suggest eSet. Many people will say that Windows Defender is the best when it comes to using your antivirus. Believe that after your account is hacked, you will not get 1 paisa help from any of them. So be careful.

Buy and sell reviews

I didn’t want to talk about this dirty poison. But I’m talking about it to warn newcomers. Many people go around preaching that they need to buy reviews to get a gig. But the thing is wrong, Fiber itself says that after giving a new gig, your gig should be ordered to be shared with your friends. This will make your gig better. I am talking about genuine order. But those who sell reviews do not lend themselves to this. Fiber’s AI can now easily catch fake reviews. And if they can catch a fake review on a profile, then they blacklist that profile. Gigs of that profile no longer stand out in life. Cellar deletes the gig and gives it again but nothing happens. At the end of the account delete it again. So I say to get out of this bad practice. I have personally witnessed the fact that 5 accounts with fake reviews could not be set up. So I would say give good professional service by eliminating these thoughts. Your profile will do well.

Hidden Algorithm

Finally, we will discuss a hidden algorithm. I don’t have any proof of this but I have been able to pick it up from some sources. That’s because Fiber has launched their own hidden algorithm with AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is that any seller sells a lot and has a lot of reviews but the quality of their service is not very professional and not good. According to their rules, if the score goes below 90%, they blacklist that profile, and no gigs and searches of that profile can be found. I have seen several such profiles. The cellar has no explanation as to why. My guess is that it’s probably because that was blacklisted. So I would say keep the quality of your service top-notch so that your profile does not go near these.


Just as we don’t know many of Google’s ranking factors, we don’t know all of the Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor. However, the issues that have been discussed are basically the main Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor. So as time goes on, more and more Fiverr will have to be manipulated, and the activity of the competitors will have to be noticed more and more. Read more about the Fiverr forum and the Fiverr blog articles. Keep yourself updated all the time.
If you think there are more factors besides these factors, let them know in the comments. I will add to the writing. If anyone knows anything, you can let us know in the comments.
All will be well.

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