Finally the case against Nupur SharmaFinally the case against Nupur Sharma

A case has been filed against BJP’s suspended leader Nupur Sharma for making depreciatory reflections about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This information was given in the report of NDTV online on Thursday.


A action was filed against Nupur about two weeks after she made depreciatory reflections. The complainant in the case is the police.


The case also names Nabin Kumar Jindal, also media chief of the BJP’s Delhi branch. The BJP has permanently expelled him from the party.


The police case names a intelligencer, several social media druggies and members of colorful religious associations. Among them are Peace Party chief prophet Shadab Chauhan, intelligencer Saba Nakvi, Hindu Mahasabha office worker Pooja Shakun Pandey, Maulana Mufti Nadeem of Rajasthan, Abdur Rahman, Anil Kumar Meena and Gulzar Ansari.


Allegations of hate speech, incitement and disturbing the peace and harmony of the society have been made in the case.


It’s unknown at this time what he’ll do after leaving the post. still, questions have been raised about the detention in taking action by the police.


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The also BJP public prophet Nupur lately made depreciatory reflections about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in a televised debate. latterly, the also media chief of the BJP’s Delhi branch, Naveen, also twittered insultingly about the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


Nupur withdrew her statement in the face of review. And Jindal deleted his own tweet.


The BJP and the Indian government were originally silent on the two leaders’ depreciatory reflections. The BJP and the Indian government were shaken by the storm of review at home and abroad. BJP expelled Nupur temporarily and Jindal permanently.


The reflections by two BJP leaders drew commination from at least 16 countries. Several countries in the Middle East have protested by summoning Indian ministers.


Several BJP leaders have been arrested to quell wrathfulness at home and abroad. The BJP has set new boundaries for party spokespersons and leaders to take part in television debates over affronting reflections made by two BJP leaders.

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