Earn from AdF.lyEarn from AdF.ly

How to earn from AdF.ly You can earn very easily using AdF.ly. Check the detailed method of income. 

Facebook is a source of wasting time and you can earn a lot of money from this Facebook. It is safe to say that Facebook is the #1 social media without a doubt. Remember where there are people there is money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, money comes from people’s intelligence.


Google is the number #1 search engine without a doubt. Because there are more searches on Google, everyone considers Google as the main mantra of business. Just like there are more people on Facebook bye there is a big opportunity to earn from Facebook. See, I have mentioned a few ways to earn from Facebook.


AdF.ly Create an account:

Through the short link:

If you can create a good quality group on Facebook with news or people’s problems. Something for free then you can use this group to earn money, let’s talk about the news site Prothom Alo. You shared the news in the group first, you shared it in the form of a link directly, there will be no income from it. If you do not directly share the link of the news on Facebook, the link will be Adf. ly go to this website and share the link with your group on Facebook.



Then the more clicks you get on this link, the more income you will get. If AdF.ly can bring 10 thousand clicks per day. ly then you can earn like $3-$5 easily. Not only this, but if you share any YouTube video news, you can earn by shortening the link through short links. by country adf. ly gives money See the picture below.

Read more: Google News Google News


Not only this way, but if you have graphic design or SEO, or freelancing skills. Then you can find a client from Facebook and do it yourself, or you can get it done by someone else. Suppose you took a job worth 5000 thousand rupees and paid it to a freelancer for 4000 rupees or 4500 rupees. With, in the middle of your one money came 500-1000 taka. It is very easy to earn money from Facebook if you have the skills to manage the client’s work.

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