Cricketer Ashraful in Eid DramaCricketer Ashraful in Eid Drama

Cricketer Ashraful in Eid Drama

Cricketer Ashraful will be seen together in this first Eid drama. The name of the play is ‘Eid Tournament’. It will be broadcast on Boishakhi Television on the 7th day of Eid at 9.20 pm. The story of the play is written by Tipu Alam Milon, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Editor of Boishakhi TV.


The play is directed by Tariq Muhammad Hasan and scripted by Subata Rahik Zarifar.

Speaking about the story of the play, writer Tipu Alam Milon said, “Samad Saheb is a simple man of the village.” Out of his deep love for cricket, he formed a team called Team Barisal. Team Barisal ranks 12th out of 12 teams in the cricket tournament held every year on the occasion of the Eid reunion.

The main reason for this is the arbitrariness of the team captain Masum Goldar. Although he did not play well, he did opening, batting, and opening bowling. And those who can make him happy in various ways get batting, bowling, and the rest are deprived. Masum himself changed his name to Ashraful Hasan Mashrafe alias Taskin.


Samad Saheb, seeing the team’s repeated failures, called his niece (Jennifer), a university student in Dhaka, ahead of the tournament and gave her the responsibility of the team. Jennifer understood everything and dropped Masum Goldar from the team. Masum Goldar formed a new team called New Team Barisal and persuaded cricketer Mohammad Ashraful to play for New Team Barisal.


Masum Goldar took money from the villagers by telling them to take pictures with cricketer Ashraful, talk on video calls, and so on. Gradually the day of the tournament got closer and cricketer Mohammad Ashraful went to Barisal to play for New Team Barisal. Thousands of people flocked to see Ashraful. Gradually Masum Goldar’s notoriety started leaking. Did cricketer Ashraful play for Barisal in the end?


The answer to this question can be found in this special Eid drama on Boishakhi Television. Apart from cricketer Ashraful, Rasud Simant played the role of Masum Goldar, Mihi played the role of Jennifer, Oliul Haque Rumi, Shafiq Khan Dilu, Nila Islam and many others.

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