Can dry chili seeds cause appendicitisCan dry chili seeds cause appendicitis

Dry chili filled with jaggery. This pepper is used in various delicious dishes. Even many people can’t go without rice. And some people don’t eat this pepper because of the fear of rust. But dry chili is not only spicy but also has many other qualities.


Dry chilies are rich in vitamins A and C. Therefore, by eating this pepper regularly, the lack of vitamin C and A in the body is eliminated. If you have a cold, you can try dry chili. Because you will benefit greatly if your nose is blocked in the cold.


This pepper contains vitamin A. Which is also very beneficial for the eyes. If you have any eye problems, you can start cooking with dry chilies in regular meals. If the body’s immune system is low, you can start eating dry chili from today.


Even for those suffering from high blood pressure, dry chilies are very beneficial. People of different ages suffer from arthritis pain in the body. You can try eating dry chilies to relieve this kind of pain. However, it is better to say that for those who have gastric problems or stomach burning after eating chili, it will be the right decision not to eat too much dry chili.


“In my opinion, just looking at the way food is cooked reveals a history of competition between us and parasites, or microbes, along with evolution.” “Parasites try to eat the same foods that we eat,” says Sherman.  “Everything we do with food, whether it is drying, cooking, steaming, salting or seasoning – the main purpose of everything is to prevent these microbes from spoiling the food. ”


Traits and Gender:

Scientists have been trying to better understand why some people prefer to eat sardines more than others. Food scientist Nadia Byrnes tried to find out whether people’s gender characteristics have any influence on the consumption of spicy foods. He found that men ate more hot peppers to show off to others, while women wanted to feel the pain.


“For example, in Mexico, eating chili is a sign of strength, recklessness, and masculinity.”

But one thing is clear: Whether it’s the thrill of eating chili, the enjoyment of suffering, or following an ancient instinct, whatever the reason, more and more chili is being produced in the world and the chili pepper is growing day by day.


This concept was first expressed by Paul Rosin, a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania. He first became interested in this subject after noticing that most mammals, except humans, do not eat peppers. As part of the experiment, he gave people more and more chili pepper until they could no longer eat chili.


During the interview, he asked the participants which pepper they liked best. They said the hottest pepper. Paul Rosin explains, “Humans are the only animals that can enjoy the most negative things.” “Even if our body does the opposite, our mind knows we’re in no real danger.” It can be compared to how people love to binge eat, just like they love to watch scary horror movies. Appendicitis has basically no such information so far.

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