Boishakh in Local JewelryBoishakh in Local Jewelry

Boishakh in Local Jewelry

Boishakh in Local Jewelry you can choose from the collection of designers.


He found and bought a Baishakh sari. It is too late to think about what will be the outfit. Now it’s time for jewelry. Suddenly it seems that there is a lot of jewelry, but none of them are suitable for the Baishakh outfit. The examination is done in parallel with the dress and accessories of the holy Boishakh. And jewelry is special. Because a different style is brought in the jewelry of Boishakh with the local materials.


Soil, bamboo, wood, cowrie, oyster, ribbon, vine, cloth, seeds of various fruits, palm leaves, holly leaves, towels, jute, yarn, water hyacinth — all these are the materials for making local jewelry. But at one time the native materials were somewhat neglected. All the experimental jewelry is being made in simple things instead of time.

Boishakh in Local Jewelry
Boishakh in Local Jewelry

A small earthen garland around the neck, an oyster pendant swaying in the ear, and perhaps a jute or cloth bangle in the hand — jewelry that may be the perfect outfit for Boishakh, has been well-proven over the years.


Because with native jewelry there is passion and pull of roots. These materials are our own. Easily takes us closer to the source. And new forms of fashion have been associated with this passion. In this jewelry, both indigenous tension and fashion can be found. Therefore, due to the beauty of Nehat, the value of this local jewelry has not increased.


All the new trends of fashion are found in the weaving and tying of this indigenous jewelry. Again, some jewelry is made entirely by hand. At this time, only one type of material is used in the local jewelry of Boishakh. Michelle with patchwork jewelry is bamboo, wood, wood or oysters. Either a piece of fruit or a piece of palm leaf in the middle of a simple piece of jewelry woven with yarn. And that’s where the dazzling diversity comes from.



Boishakh jewelry made from natural ingredients is also eco-friendly and reusable. New jewelry can be broken even after years of use. Raiba Tazrid Tahiti, the proprietor of the online page Tahiti, cuts old sari or dresses and makes divine jewelry. He thinks that it is one of the features of country jewelry.


If you have a plan to wear a very traditional red-and-white dress on Boishakh, you will usually look for red jewelry. You can wear hanging cloth or jute garland around your neck. If you want, you can also take the neat jewelry of fruit seeds later. Chokers made of clay, wood, or bamboo are also not bad, he said.


Colorful jewelry will not stand out on colorful saris or dresses. So you don’t have to think too much about choosing a white cowrie or oyster necklace and pendant.


Over the years, the value of nath, rings, pendants, necklaces, and bangles has increased. One hundred percent Bangaliana, especially with a wooden nostril around her nose. The various motifs of Boishakh, such as owls, flowers, vines, leaves, drums, and fan-shaped nathgulo will adapt well to all types of clothing. If you don’t have a very shiny ring, you can also wear a large wooden ring with a cotton-weaving cloth, said Urmi Rahman, the proprietor of Bengali Page who works with jewelry.


Glass bangles are a special occasion of Boishakh. Bangle posara sitting at the corner of the road before Boishakh. You have to wear glass bangles, but to make a little difference, wear two pairs of bracelets wrapped in cloth with it. Contrasts with bangles can keep the color. The beauty of the bangle will be revealed.


Boishakh has its own identity. So I want to have a reflection on the jewelry of Boishakh. Natural and indigenous jewelry in its simplest form stands out one hundred percent. Even if you wear more jewelry in the celebration of Boishakh, it will not feel like an exaggeration.

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