Boiling River

The Boiling River

A mysterious swash has been discovered in the deep jungles of the Amazon. The water of that swash is boiling. The average water temperature there’s 6 degrees Celsius. In the water of this swash, the living brutes were burnt to death.

Andreas Rujo has discovered this mysterious swash. In a 2014 TEDx lecture, he participated his gests with the swash and nearly all the information he’d delved into.


Andreas Rujo is a Peruvian geologist. “There are no tinderboxes in the Amazon, “he said. Not indeed in the utmost corridor of Peru. The place where this boiling swash is located is 600 kilometers down from the center of the nearest flashpoint.


Actually, I saw that warm- spring of the Amazon in the puck tale. From a distance, I could hear the gentle swells of the swash. Which was getting stronger as he got closer. It sounded a lot like the sound of the swells constantly crashing. Also, the closer I got, the further bank and brume came up through the trees. Also, I saw this boiling swash.


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  • I incontinently put the thermometer in the water and the average temperature was 6 degrees Celsius or 16 degrees Fahrenheit. The swash was hot and presto flowing.’The purpose was to gain detailed experience. He also noticed a strange thing in this swash. That is, there’s a cold current flowing from the shaman’s stable, the holy place of the swash. Andreas Rujo said, ‘I was by no means the first stranger to see the swash. It’s an integral part of the diurnal life of shamans.


  • They drink the water of this swash. It takes on brume. Used in cuisine. The work of cleaning is done. They indeed make drugs with swash water.’The results there were surprising. In the beginning, the swash is starting to get cold — also it gets hot and gets cold again. It’s getting hot again, it’s getting cold again, it’s getting hot again and until the cold water merges into the swash.’


Andres Ruzo also saw colorful creatures lying dead in the swash. It surprised him. When the creatures fall into the swashing water, the eyes of the creatures are first damaged by the hot water. The eyes get boiled veritably snappily. They keep trying to swim, but gradationally their muscles and muscles begin to boil. Once the heated water reaches the beast’s mouth and boils from the inside, it also begins to lose energy. The creatures die.

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