Young women from the village of Noiva do Cordoiro (photo collected)Young women from the village of Noiva do Cordoiro (photo collected)

The Young Women of this Village is not Getting a Life Partner even though they are Beautiful

Noiva do Cordoiro, is a mountain village in southeastern Brazil. There are further women in this vill. Further than 8 hundred women live in this village. The many women who got wedded noway left their village. As a result, she has to live without her hubby. Misters come to the village for two days on weekends. Piecemeal from that, boys are transferred out only when they’re 18 times old. As a result, the village has gradationally come manless.


All the women and girls of this village are veritably beautiful. Although everyone is suitable for marriage, youthful women have to remain unattached due to a lack of pot. The reason for this is known, there’s a custom in this village, no girl can leave the village after marriage.


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On the negative, the hubby has to stay with his woman in that village. As a result, it has come a big problem for the youthful women of the village. No man from the girding area wants to get married in the village as he has to stay with his woman in the village. As a result, girls have to remain unattached indeed for marriage just for that reason.


  • There’s a story behind it too. It’s known that in 1890, a girl named Maria Senhorina de Lima was married off against her will. He also left his father-in-law’s house and moved to the area of Noiva do Cordoiro. In 1891 he erected a vill then.


  • And since also it has been decided that no girl from this village will go to her father-in-law’s house after marriage. The hubby must stay with the woman. Women have to stay unattached because of this strange custom in the village.

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