As Many Features as Snapchat to Protect Women

As Many Features as Snapchat to Protect Women

The popularity of social platforms has increased worldwide. Although social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are popular among the common people, Snapchat has attracted special attention among the younger generation.

This platform has many security features that are not seen in any other social media app. The app has multiple features to protect women in particular.


Snapchat for friends: Snapchat was designed to keep in touch with friends in your own life. As a result, only the user you select will see your post. As a result, young women feel much more secure on this platform.


Location Sharing:

For security reasons, Snapchat stops location sharing for all customers. Share a live location at any time, select at the beginning if it is shared for how long. Live location sharing automatically shuts off when the selected time elapses. This app only allows you to share your location with friends.

As Many Features as Snapchat to Protect Women
Women Snapchat Protection

Public News Feed & Comments:

There is no news feed or public comment option on Snapchat. As a result, there is no chance of it going ‘viral’ against your will. Public contents can only be viewed from the discover section of the apps.

Maximum people can also join a group chat. You cannot join a group unless one of your friends is already a member. Which makes this platform more secure.


Easy reporting:

On this platform a lot to keep unwanted people away. In this app, if someone texts you with harassment, threats, or intimidation, you can easily report and take action against that person.

This app takes action especially if it is harassing women. Snapchat also does not disclose who reported against whom.


In-app support:

Multiple resources have recently been added to this app. There, Snapchat is giving special support to keep yourself safe in the app. This social media platform is paying special attention to the mental health of the customer.

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