alia ranbir kapoor weddingalia ranbir kapoor wedding

Alia Eats Vegetables, Ranbir’s Favorite Crocodile Meat

By the time you read this article, Ranbir Kapoor has lost his title of ‘Most Desirable Bachelor’ in India. Relationship status has become ‘married’. Alia Vegan, the animal doesn’t say anything. His stomach and mind are full of vegetables and pulses. Alia Ranbir Kapoor marriage.


Meanwhile, Ranbir eats all the animals and vegetables. His favorite crocodile meat. However, he follows a healthy routine by following the rules. He will be seen in Sandwip Reddy Bhangar’s ‘Animal’ after ‘Brahmastra’ with Alia. Ranbir is working hard to create a muscular look for the character. So this actor is not willing to compromise on diet and fitness even during marriage.


Ranbir’s fitness instructor Deepesh told the Times of India in an interview that Ranbir is very conscious about his diet. It is better not to eat sweets and fried food. He prefers to eat homemade food and no outside food. Only on ‘Chit Day’ does Ranbir relax and eat as many burgers as he wants.

alia ranbir kapoor wedding
alia ranbir kapoor wedding

Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir follows a low-carb diet. Eat eggs, protein shakes, and brown bread in the morning. Lunch consists mostly of brown rice, pulses, vegetables, and chicken. If you get hungry during the shooting, fill your stomach by eating dry fruits and protein shakes. Eat very light food at night. Don’t eat anything heavy after seven in the evening. Alia Ranbir Kapoor wedding.


The actor’s list of favorites includes brown rice, toast, and biryani. In addition to diet, he also exercises regularly. Deepesh said, adequate sleep, exercise, food, and water – the balance of four is important for the health of the body. Ranbir also follows that rule.

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