Al-Rihla World Cup Best Ball!Al-Rihla World Cup Best Ball!

Al-Rihla World Cup Best Ball!

The official ball for the 2022 Qatar World Cup was unveiled on Wednesday, naming it ‘Al Rihla.’ Which means travel in Bengali. The manufacturer claims that this is the best ball ever used in the World Cup.


With this, Adidas donated the ball for the 14th World Cup as FIFA’s official sports equipment manufacturer. The sports equipment maker has some idea behind making every World Cup ball. This time around, the idea behind the creation of the ‘Al-Rihla’ ball has been taken from the Qatari culture-traditional boat and flag.


FIFA’s explanation of “Al Rihale” is that it will be the fastest ball in the history of the World Cup. That being said, this ball will move faster than all the other balls in the flying state. The ball is designed to increase the speed of the match.


The inside of the ball is completely hollow. The manufacturer claims that the game will be very perfect and well organized. The match will be more dynamic. Not only this, with the help of the Football World Cup you can do wonders.

Legendary footballers like Cassius, Kaka, and Nouf-al-Anji will bring Al-Rihla to the forefront. The official ball of the Qatar World Cup will then travel to 10 cities around the world.


Adidas was tasked with making the official ball at 14 football World Cups. Earlier, balls like Jabulani and Brazuca were very popular. Let’s see how popular Qatar’s World Cup ball ‘Al Rihal’ is. This is how new stars like Messi-Ronald-Neymar show their miracles.

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