After 18 years of fighting, the lawyer's daughter returned with the verdict

After 18 years of fighting, the lawyer’s daughter returned with the verdict

Lawyer Segufta Tabassum was confronted by the media after a long 18-year legal battle over the murder of Rajshahi University professor Taher. She was a lawyer in his father’s murder case.

After a long 18-year legal battle, he received the final verdict of his father’s murder trial on Tuesday from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, the country’s highest court. His long legal battle is selfish.

So Roy could not hide his tears when he came in front of the media with hisr mother. In her weeping, as there is pain, there is the joy of selfishness in fulfilling dreams.

Tabassum’s father Taher Ahmed was a professor in the Department of Geology and Mining at Rajshahi University. She was a high school student when her father was killed.

She changed his life goal and started studying law to ensure the expected justice for the murder of his father. She later started practicing as a lawyer in the High Court to ensure that a trial like the murder of a father was ensured when the judgment of the Supreme Court went to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court.

Last Tuesday, the country’s highest court, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, handed down a verdict in the murder case of Tabassum’s father. The Appellate Division sentenced two accused to death and two others to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of Professor Taher Ahmed.

  • Surprisingly, the main accused in the murder case of Professor Taher was Professor Mohiuddin, an associate of his department who was once a student of Professor Taher.
  • Mohiuddin, along with the caretaker of Taher’s house, killed Taher and dumped his body in the manhole outside the teacher’s quarters.
  • Daughter Tabassum’s long and tireless struggle of 18 years to get the right verdict for her father’s murder will be a unique example in the history of Bangladesh.

Tabassum showed courage and determination by overcoming long-standing legal complications and reaching the desired goal by having a sense of responsibility towards his father or a determination to get justice for his father’s murder.

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